Your It Problems, Our Trusted Solutions

"We say it all the time around here - Better call Paul."
Matt Mcmurray
Owner, Campus Automotive

IT Consulting & Networking

From new businesses in need of a reliable network setup to existing businesses seeking to streamline, maintain, and secure an existing infrastructure: AesirTech can help. We take pride in helping our clients stretch their technology budgets with cost-effective solutions.

Tailored Services that work for you

Every situation is different. Rarely does one client need exactly what another client needs. That’s why we conduct a thorough review of your situation and provide a detailed description of the services we offer to address them. All in a timely manner, with a budget-friendly price tag.

Simple Solutions, Executed simply

If everyone understood technology like an IT consultant, then no one would need an…well, you get it. So what good is the answer to a question if you don’t understand it? And how effective is a solution if you have to call us every time the same issue pops up? That’s why we work to keep systems and user processes as simple as possible.

our services

Computer & Network Maintenance

Beyond laptops and printers today's networks include security cameras, customer Wi-Fi traffic, patient records, and more. We provide comprehensive support to prevent outages.

Malware/Virus Removal

If your computer has slowed down or you're seeing unwanted ads, you've probably got a virus. Not only can we remove it, but we can help monitor your computer to prevent future infections, as well.

Home & Non-Profit Support

We provide expert troubleshooting and support for home users and non-profits. Because malware and hackers don't discriminate, so neither do we.

Data Transfer, Backup & Recovery

There's no greater disaster for a business than a loss or breach of data. We have options to help you secure your information and - knock on wood - recover everything we can if you've had a data loss.

Business Technology Plan

From taking an inventory of your current technology in use to lining up your business goals with the technical tools that can help you achieve them, we will work with you every step of the way.

Smart Phone Setup

Getting a new phone can be exciting. But it can also be daunting to make sure that all of your contacts are still there, as well as your photos and apps. Let us give you a hand.

Your IT Problems, Our trusted solutions

Working with AesirTech is like having your own IT staff on call.