What services do we provide?  Well, the way our clients frequently describe us is as an “IT Department in a box.”  We fulfill the roles and duties that an internal IT staff person would normally handle.  Be it a simple “How do I do this in Word?” or “Hey, let’s put together and execute an upgrade cycle plan for the next 5 years.”  As far as day to day operations; we perform routine maintenance and updates, ensure backups are running as they should, and troubleshoot anything from printers that don’t want to print to “oh no! Our server just crashed.”  We can help facilitate website hosting and even do some minor content editing; however, we have partners and affiliates to whom we refer involved website design or redesign.  If a client needs something we don’t specialize in we have built strategic alliances with other businesses to have those services provided by experts that our clients can trust.

While it is difficult to truly go into detail on all the computer and network related services we can help you with, here’s a brief listing of some of our more frequently used services.


Computer and Network Maintenance (description.)
Data Transfer, Backup, or Recovery
Home and Office Networking
Malware/Virus Removal
Network Review and Planning
Secure Computer Disposal/Recycling
Smart Phone Setup
Technology Purchasing Advice
Total Technology Plans for Businesses



Computer and Server Maintenance includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Security and System Updates
  2. Backup Review and Error/Event Log Evaluation
  3. Drive Space Evaluation
  4. File System and Registry Evaluation and Cleaning
  5. Disk Check and Defragmentation
  6. Antivirus Scan and Result Review


Don’t see a service listed that you are interested in? Contact us, if we don’t already provide it we’ll see if it is something we can add to our ever growing list.